Updated: June 24, 2017

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Finally the Huey is installed on its pole. The Chapter comes together and "Welcomes home" tribute to the 103 men of Long Beach who were called to war and did not return "The Last Mission"

Conrad Gomez (R) - Max Stewart (L) at Del Velle Park

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Fall Of Saigon Ceremony 2017
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RIP Smitty

Smitty was out doing what he loved to do riding off road motorcycles with his son, when he had an actsdent and did not recover from it. He was a long time rider of all types of bikes, mostly Harley Davidsons.

He is already missed by his large family and the people he worked with in the oil fields of California.

I will never forget you Buddy....Ride Safe Bud

Max Stewart
VVA Chapter 756

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Our Long Awaited Memorial - Wonderful!

Mission Statement

The mission of chapter 756 to provide a bonding unit for the Vietnam Veterans of Long Beach, CA. Primary goals include the interaction of membership with the inpatient veteran's at The Long Beach Veteran's Hospital. We have undertaken the mission of establishing a memorial to the 103 (+/_) veterans from the city of Long Beach that gave their lives in the war. This is to be accomplished by mounting an actual 'combat huey' in Houghton Park, Long Beach. This monument will eventually list all 103 KIA's, a picture or 'rendering of the proposed memorial is shown here. As a note the Huey has been placed in the park and plans are moving forward for the completion of the memorial. We know that not all men who entered the service had their " Home of Record" listed as the city that they lived in.

We will work with the families to help add names to this memorial of men who were from Long Beach, Ca. but had their home of record listed as another city, to do this we ask that you provide us with High School records that show that this person did go to school in Long Beach. Please contact us at our phone number with the information and who to talk to.




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