We know that not all men and women who entered the service had their "Home of Record" listed as the city where they lived.

We will work with the families to help add names to this memorial of men and women who were from Long Beach, CA. but had their home of record listed as another city, to do this we ask that you provide us with High School records that show that this person did go to school in Long Beach. Please contact us at our phone number with the information.

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They benefit our chapter in our ability to help veterans. Thank you.

The mission of chapter 756 to provide a bonding unit for the Vietnam Veterans of Long Beach, CA. Primary goals include the interaction of membership with the inpatient veteran's at The Long Beach Veteran's Hospital. We have undertaken the mission of establishing a memorial to the 103 (+/-) veterans from the city of Long Beach that gave their lives in the war. This was accomplished by mounting an actual 'combat huey' in Houghton Park, Long Beach. This monument lists all 103 KIA's. 

The pictures of the memorial are shown below. .



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Our new address is:

1825 E. Via Burton

Anaheim, CA 92806


VVA Chapter #756 was Awarded

"Chapter of the Year" 2018

------------  &  -------------

Conrad Gomez received

"Images of Bravery Award" 2018

by Vietnam Veterans of America California State Council.

There is a group picture of State Convention Officers and associates

The picture of Max Stewart, Mike Kennedy, and Conrad Gomez

[Note: Go to our Facebook page for these pictures]

  1. Max is the Founder of the Chapter and past president

  2.Mike was the Vice-President of the Southern District and member of Chapter #47             in  Riverside

  3.Conrad Gomez present President

One thing that the three of us have in common we are all

U.S. Air Force Security Police (Skycops)  now Security Forces

all three of us served in Vietnam.

1.Da Nang

2.Bien Hoa

3.Cam Ranh & Dong Ha (TeT 68)

State side all three of us were located throughout the States and were security for nuclear weapons, from B-52 (alert bombers to missiles and jet interceptors )

Thanking all members who made this happen.

Thank You for your support

I am also a member of the LA/OC U.S. Air Force Security Forces Assoc at Los Alamitos Joint Training Base


November 10, 2019

Chapter #756 Activities

August 2019

1.  Chapter 756 purchases about 20 movie tickets monthly for Tiber Rubin VAMC-Long Beach Hospital Veterans who are recuperating and can be treated to a “night out” at the movies.  About five to seven Veterans attend along with their veteran escorts.  The evening includes popcorn, candy and soda.  We try to do this once a month and have been doing these night outs for over 14 years.  An issue we are facing currently is a lack of drivers from the Tiber Rubin VAMC-Long Beach for their specialty buses.

2.  We are working with the Westminster School District to support the "Price of Freedom Art Contest" as well as with Woodbridge High School in Irvine for their “Patriotic Art Contest”.  Both contests are in May.  Students work closely with Frances Nguyen, who is on the School Boards.  In May 2020 the project will include interviews with members.

3. Delegates from our Chapter 756 were represented at the VVA National Convention in Spokane Washington.

4. Chapter 756 provided a “Color Guard” for the Memorial Day presentation at the American Gold Star Manor.

5. Chapter 756 supports:

·       Patriots and Paws (which supports Veterans with furniture and house hold goods).

·       The Air Force Sergeant Assoc.

·       The Veterans’ Service Officer at the Tiber Rubin VAMC-Long Beach.

·       Vet to Vet, a PTSD support group at the Tiber Rubin VAMC-Long Beach.

·       The 13th MEU out of Camp Pendleton with diapers and wipes for families whose spouses are out of country, as well as donating $500.00.

6. We met with Senator Tom Umberg (whose wife is on the committee) with talking points about the cemetery in Anaheim.  There is a study under way by a Company called 21 Points.

7. Our president had a meeting with former Congresswoman Kim Young for a review of Veterans issues, especially the turnover of doctors at the Tiber Rubin VAMC-LB Hospital)

8. Our president attends the National Resources Center for Asian languages in Westminster, which promotes bilingualism in a Globe Economy

9. Chapter 756 was closely involved with the American Gold Star Mothers Assoc. during their event in August, when the introductions of the new In-coming President and Vice President of the association were made.

10. Chapter 756 has over 170 members, and hopes for more opportunity with Blue Water Navy Veterans.


You can now donate directly to VVA Chapter 756

in order to help us fund needed activites for Veterans and current Military Members, and their organizations.

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“Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.”