Help for the Homeless

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NOTE: The three VA agencies do not share information.  You must apply to each individually by notifying your NSO,  Primary Care Clinic, AND your Regional Office.

24-hour National Call Center for Homeless Veterans


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Staffed 24/7by fellow Veterans to support YOU

[non-emergency issues such as benefits & services]


See below for a Bus Route and Parking Lot map of Tibor Rubon VAMC-Long Beach

Keep in Mind: The VAMC is a

Federal facility that follows Federal Laws enforced by Federal Police Dept.

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Construction Updates:
As the City of Long Beach construction project on Bellflower Blvd. advances, our campus’ gate #3, located on the intersection of Palm Rd. and Bellflower Blvd. will be intermittently closed for two weeks, starting Monday, December 11, 2017, including both inbound and outbound access.

During closures, if driving on a southbound lane of Bellflower Blvd., you will need to utilize the main entrance on 7th St. to enter our campus. If driving on a northbound lane, you will need to utilize gate #4 on Sam Johnson Rd. or gate #5 on North Rd., which has been recently opened to ease some of the construction project impact. If trying to exit our campus, we recommend that you avoid gate #3, and utilize gates #4 and #5 instead.

Please continue to allow extra travel time during this construction project, and visiting this webpage for updates.

This city construction project is expected to impact the Northbound (closest to VA) of Bellflower through mid-December and the Southbound from late December through mid-February with occasional lane closures and detours.

Visit the Tibor Rubin VAMC Website, Facebook & Twitter Pages for more current information about VAMC Activities:

VA Website

VA Facebook

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