We know that not all men and women who entered the service had their "Home of Record" listed as the city where they lived.

We will work with the families to help add names to this memorial of men and women who were from Long Beach, CA. but had their home of record listed as another city, to do this we ask that you provide us with High School records that show that this person did go to school in Long Beach. Please contact us at our phone number with the information.

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They benefit our chapter in our ability to help veterans. Thank you.

Chapter #756 Activities


August, 2018

1. Purchased 20 movie tickets for Long Beach VA Hospital so Veterans who are there can be treated to a Night Out at the movies.  About five to seven Veterans go along with their volunteer escorts.  These outings also include popcorn, candy, and soda pop.  We do this once a month and have been doing this for over 14 years.

2. The Chapter continually works with the Vietnamese Community of Southern California; and participates in the Vietnamese Memorial at Freedom Park in Westminster, on the 1st Sunday of every month.  “Lest We Forget" our Fallen.

3. Donated food cards to the Fisher House program at the LBVA.

4. Chapter 756 is donating and supporting:

·       Patriots and Paws [which supports Veterans]

·       Air Force Sergeant Assoc.

·       Anaheim 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit

·       Vets to Vets [PTSD group] at the Long Beach VA.


5. The chapter provided a Color Guard at The American Gold Star Manor Memorial Day Event and supported the Del Valle Park Memorial Day Event in Lakewood.

6. Chapter President [Conrad Gomez] received Honors from the City of Lakewood’s Mayor in the form of a “Certificate of Recognition” in honor of his service and positive impact in the community and beyond.  Our President also received a “Certificate of Recognition” from the California Legislature Assembly as a "Lakewood Hometown Hero" from the Speaker of the Assembly District #63.  In addition, the Chapter received Honors as the Outstanding Chapter of the Year while the President received the "Image of Bravery Award" from the California State Council.  This is significant considering that in the early years the Chapter almost folded.  A great team effort by all.

7. Several chapters enjoyed a great picnic hosted by Chapters #756 and #1024, which included Chapter #s 47, 53, and 785, who joined us for a great time at Hart Park in the City of Orange.

8. The Chapter held a “Diaper and Wipes” drive for the 13th MEU Marines from Anaheim; this Marine Unit is now deployed in Afghanistan.  We are supporting the mothers of new born infants with collections of diapers and wipes.  Unfortunately, one Marine has been reported as lost.

8. The Chapter helps support Gold Star Mothers and Fathers in Long Beach with food cards and gas cards.

9. We work with CAP [Civil Air Patrol] at the Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos, CA.

10. The Chapter is looking to work with the Lakewood Sheriff Department in assisting the incarcerated. 

Membership increased to over 157.
  Please Join Us in Our Endeavors.
May God Bless Us All

The mission of chapter 756 to provide a bonding unit for the Vietnam Veterans of Long Beach, CA. Primary goals include the interaction of membership with the inpatient veteran's at The Long Beach Veteran's Hospital. We have undertaken the mission of establishing a memorial to the 103 (+/-) veterans from the city of Long Beach that gave their lives in the war. This was accomplished by mounting an actual 'combat huey' in Houghton Park, Long Beach. This monument lists all 103 KIA's. 

The pictures of the memorial are shown below. .



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Our new address is:

1825 E. Via Burton

Anaheim, CA 92806


VVA Chapter #756 was Awarded

"Chapter of the Year" 2018

------------  &  -------------

Conrad Gomez received

"Images of Bravery Award" 2018

by Vietnam Veterans of America California State Council.

There is a group picture of State Convention Officers and associates

The picture of Max Stewart, Mike Kennedy, and Conrad Gomez

[Note: Go to our Facebook page for these pictures]

  1. Max is the Founder of the Chapter and past president

  2.Mike was the Vice-President of the Southern District and member of Chapter #47             in  Riverside

  3.Conrad Gomez present President

One thing that the three of us have in common we are all

U.S. Air Force Security Police (Skycops)  now Security Forces

all three of us served in Vietnam.

1.Da Nang

2.Bien Hoa

3.Cam Ranh & Dong Ha (TeT 68)

State side all three of us were located throughout the States and were security for nuclear weapons, from B-52 (alert bombers to missiles and jet interceptors )

Thanking all members who made this happen.

Thank You for your support

I am also a member of the LA/OC U.S. Air Force Security Forces Assoc at Los Alamitos Joint Training Base


November 10, 2018